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Female Scammer Olga 


Female Scammer Olga 


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First Name: Olga
Location [Address]: Russia, Arhangelskaya oblast, Arkhangelsk (Russia); Kargopo
Age: 28
Birth Date:
Aliases: Helga, Lelya, Olchik, Olechka,

Reports :

Letter 1

An unusual story for a change! The writer calling herself Olga is excited to find a new aunt in England and this aunt will pay for her trip to meet her and, of course, to see you too. Great hook. Original! You ask where her aunt lives. You ask for a phone number just to try and be helpful but get told her aunt doesn't want to give this as she is away in India and giving her address may invite burglars! Clever that. So you ask for just the town - still no luck. Eventually she asks for your bank details because her aunt cannot arrange this from India. You are to send money to Olga by western Union and her aunt will reimburse you. You tell her that India has plenty of Western Union outlets, give her the web site with full details and all the Hello Andrew! It was very pleasant to me to receive the letter from you! I'm fine. I hope, that you have no problems too. At me 2 news with what to begin? Likely I shall begin with good! You Remember what my aunt, has submitted my photos to modelling school? Today I have received the electronic letter from the aunt. She " the Modelling school " after has looked my photos has told, that, wishes to meet. This big promotion. I know, that I nice, but I never thought of a trade of model. The word of honour! Now I should arrive to England even more quickly! It is good news! But is bad. As I already wrote to you, my aunt has left to have a rest for other country. And she wished to call to you when will arrive to England. But she could not know, that " the modelling school " will wish to meet me. Now she cannot call to you, and I do not have time to wait. But it still not all. Today I went to travel agency. I have asked consultation. It has appeared, that what to go to other country, are necessary money for residing. Likely you knew about this. But I shall try to tell how to me have told in travel agency. They have told, that what visit other country the passport and the visa is not enough. And consequently at customs it is necessary to show money. They should be convinced that I be able to pay hotel. I have told him about the aunt. In travel agency have told, that it is not the reason of what release me from granting money. They have told, that in England there can be all everything because of what, I cannot meet the aunt and consequently, money should be given. I have written about it to the aunt. I hope, that she will write to me today the letter and will tell, that to me do. I hope, what I "have not strongly loaded" you my problems?!))) I think, that my aunt will find a way out of the developed problem! Olga - Russian - Englishwoman))) Dear Olga Thank you for the new information about the story of you and your aunt. I am sure this could make a good film one day! And who can know what the ending will be? I prefer happy endings but if I were to write the film script the ending would be a big surprise for many people! Perhaps not for you, though. I think you know what happens next but there are still some pages to turn before the last chapter . . . OK. You can see all the UK Entry rules on the government web site. You will not need to have money. UK Visa Office will want to see that you have somewhere to live, travel tickets to and from your destination and that you will have food provided. Your aunt will be your sponsor. So they will want to see a letter from her that explains clearly that she can afford to help you with food, travel, accommodation and other things that you will need while you are in England. People come every day for a holiday and if you are honest then there should be no problem. Officials are unlikely to believe that a man will give you a home for no payment. They will not believe that two people could live together after meeting only on the internet. So your aunt is the best person to sponsor you. But when you arrive I will be happy to help look after you, of course. I don't think that you read my last letter fully. Be very careful about the model agencies! Anyone can make a business as a model agency and get pictures of girls. What pictures have they seen? Can you send me the same portfolio please that your aunt uses? You will have sent it to her recently because you did not know her before! Send it to me and I can advise you properly on this matter. Next chapter? Love Andrew Hello my dear friend Andrew!!! I wish to write that in India is not present the western union. More truly it is, but my aunt has told, that she cannot send therefrom money. And consequently, I wish to address for the help to you. Because there is not enough time before my interview. I do not wish to spoil to my aunt holiday. And consequently I still compelled to ask times about the help from you. Please, allow me to take advantage of this chance. I do not wish to miss this opportunity. I think that moment when I on the true require the friend. I shall be grateful to you all life, that you helped me to achieve that I can have. Perhaps, I shall be very well-known also I before many thousands crowd of people, I shall tell gratitude to you that you true the friend, and that helped to me all to achieve! I shall wait very much for your letter. Olga. And again "HI"!!! As I thought, my aunt has found a way! But your help is required to me. I hope, that you will agree the help to me! But about all under the order. My aunt is in India. And as I knew, that from this country remittances do not do. I have not had time to read through completely the letter of my aunt. I have been very afflicted. But has then decided to read through the letter completely. And I have correctly made! It has appeared, that my aunt has found a way transfer to me of money for my trip to England. she has suggested to talk to you and find out, whether you can the help to me?! My aunt, wishes to send money to you on bank account. And you, will send me of money through western union or money gram. What do you think about this? I still has not enough time. If you agree, I need to make it more likely. Forgive me, I did not wish you to disturb in this occasion. I hope, that you understand me, I have no other choice now. I very much hope for you. I never thought, that my life can depend on the person whom I did not meet at all))). But I am assured of you! You already many times proved, that you are able to be the good friend for me. Here now we can check up a proverb - " the friend is learnt in a trouble! " If you agree the help to me send me the necessary information of what my aunt could transfer money to you on bank account. That I shall make the first when I shall arrive to England, I shall kiss you))))!!!! Olga Dearest Olga Go to this internet page and you will see that there is no problem. I am sure your aunt will be able to complete the arrangements. Good luck. What did you think of my Russian then? (reference to a previous letter when I wrote some Russian with no response. Always a bad sign.)



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