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Female Scammer Natalia Oshueva

Natalia Oshueva

Female Scammer Natalia Oshueva


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First Name: Natalia
Location [Address]: Russia, 429950, Novocheboksars Novocheboksarsk (Russia)
Age: 37
Birth Date:
Aliases: Nata, Natali, Nataliya, Natalo

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Scamming scenario:

This person contacted me on or about the 7th of July. I realized something was wrong when I send an e-mail to her yahoo. com address from my other e-mail address and it said this user does not have a yahoo account, but when I send it from my other e-mail account it goes thru, so I played along. She says I'm her soul mate and she will love me forever. Then she needed 1600.00 to visit me. When I told her I didn't have it she says I don't need your money. My uncle will send you a check, when you receive it cash it then send the money back to me my moneygram keep the extra money for our wedding. I'm still waiting for the check and I'm sure I will wait a long time.



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