Female Scammer Marina Laziuk

Marina Laziuk

Female Scammer Marina Laziuk

E-mail: izobilie@greatconnectlist.com

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First Name: Marina
Location [Address]: unknown Nikolaev (Ukraine)
Age: 26
Birth Date:
Aliases: Mariana, Mariane, Marianne, Ma

Reports :

Scamming Report:

I was contacted by a woman calling herself GUIADELLI at Mingle 2, she asked me for my mail address which I gave her. She replied to me in the name of Alice Celestia. She was expelled from Mingle 2 before I could copy her profile. A check on her photos revealed that she is using photos of a porn star of Escort. I informed her of this by mail but she was insistent that I go to her site and register. I thought that this was another site which would require my credit card details and didn't go there. I stopped communicating with her but she continued to send photos and later told me that no credit cards were involved and that she wanted to chat with me on video.



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