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Female Scammer Lubov 


Female Scammer Lubov 


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First Name: Lubov
Location [Address]: unknown Cheboksary (Russia)
Age: 26
Birth Date:
Aliases: Liubov, Ljuba, Ljubasha, Ljubo

Reports :


I have a new name for your list. The person behind this name still writes to me. But there are many different reasons this person keeps asking for money. As I look back, I find it funny. But with pity also I look back at these letters from the person. To think that there is somebody who is going to send money! I never did. I have had a little experience in communicating with people from different countries. The name is Lubov. On only her second letter she calls herself my girlfriend. I also have photos of her. I also can forward all of the emails from her. I have saved them all. She says she is from the city of Volzhsk, Russia. Tell me where to send the photos and letters if you wish. Thanks for having a site like this. There was another website of similar background from the Ukraine. She was already on that site. She was not on there when I first started the letters. But soon after her name appeared. I then became suspicious. I soon asked her for a photo of herself holding a small note or message to me with my name on it. And also since I work for a commercial airline, I can travel easily. I then asked for help with arranging the directions to her. For help with what trains to take to her city and what hotel I could stay at. She never offered any details for this. And it was at this point I knew she was a fraud. Thanks for your time.



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