Female Scammer Lisa Cagle

Lisa Cagle

Female Scammer Lisa Cagle

E-mail: lisacagle40@gmail.com

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First Name: Lisa
Location [Address]: 26 Spearman st., Woolwich, UK Lagos (Nigeria)
Age: 23
Birth Date:

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Scam Report:
I talked to this girl for a few days before sending her money on my PayPal account for gas. She never showed up, and kept making excuses why she didn't. I continued talking for a few weeks all together before I came to the conclusion she was scamming me. I checked her phone number which was in Arizona, finally I got her to admit she really lived there because I let her think I was going to send her more money. She constantly begged for money and tried to get me to set up a bank account even for her to have money sent to from a house sale, she claimed. She even told me she fly to Turkey on a business trip, decided to come back early, and needed me to pay the hotel bill, which I didn't. She tried and tried, I guess because I sent her some money early on she figured she could get more from me. I have a complete transcript from the day we started talking to the end on WhatsApp, still on my phone.



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