Female Scammer Laura Baby

Laura Baby

Female Scammer Laura Baby

E-mail: laurababy47@yahoo.com
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First Name: Laura
Location [Address]:
Age: 24
Birth Date: 9/6/1989
Laura Baby

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-Original Message-
I am glad that you haven't disregarded me today. And again you have pleased me with the fine letter. How you feel today yourself? How has passed your day today? You had something amusing? Tell to me something interesting and new of your life. It will be very interesting to me to read about it. Tell to me of what you dream? You have a dream? Of what you dreamed in the childhood? I always dreamed of true love. I dreamed of love as in fairy tales. That this fairy tale came to an end with the happy end. I always dreamed to find the ideal man. With which I could construct the happy future. The man who would respect me and appreciated. For me the most important thing in the man is its character. For me the main mutual understanding and love in relations. As if in relations there will be no mutual understanding relations won't be long and strong. You agree with me? I hope that you understand me! I would like to tell to you that I actually was born in village Kasmashi. As I want to tell to you that I all life live in this small settlement. Darling as I have understood, you want to send me the laptop on my home address. I would like to tell to you that it is not necessary to do it! Darling, you understand, in Russia mail works for us very badly and many things simply don't reach a proper place. Darling, I am afraid that your laptop won't reach me. Darling as, I would like to tell to you one more reason on which I don't want, what you to me, sent something on the home address. Darling, at us in Russia is a lot of hooligans who steal the simple newspaper from mail boxes. Darling, I don't want that your laptop would appear in another's hands. I hope that you understand me and don't take offense that I ask you not to send me the laptop. Darling, tell to me, can at you there are any other offers? Darling, if you want, I can descend in post office what to learn how you want to send me the laptop. Darling, I hope that you understand me! Lovely my friend, on it I will finish my letter. I will wait the answer from you with the big impatience.



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