Female Scammer Jennifer Chapman

Jennifer Chapman

Female Scammer Jennifer Chapman

E-mail: jenniferchap4u@yahoo.com

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First Name: Jennifer
Location [Address]: unknown Lagos (Nigeria)
Age: 30
Birth Date:
Aliases: Jenifer, Jeniffer, Jenipher, J

Reports :

Scamming scenario:

Here is my report compiled as requested to be added on Russian Women Black list. I contacted this Rbrides. We started corresponding as everything looked great for a future. Then, after 3 letters, she forgot my name and called me Paul. I started to think that she was writing to others and got mixed up in my name. After a couple of more letters, she asked for 490 $ for her sick grandmother. I did not send anything and she wrote back as if nothing had happened. She asked me for 100$ to pay for a phone so she could call me. I still kept my cool and wanted to see the end result. She writes back with the same letter she had written me the week before and followed up with the same letter 3 times in a row. It was time to let her go since she was probably on something other drugs. Now, I see her posted as a scammer on one site called Anti-Scam.org Good thing I woke up before sending her anything. She uses different emails and keeps changing. Her place of residence is in 3 different cities. You figure it out I checked on Rbrides and her profile was not there and then re-appeared Very serious people at Rbrides.



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