Female Scammer Jean Marc

Jean Marc

Female Scammer Jean Marc

E-mail: in4all@live.com
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First Name: Jean
Location [Address]: unknown Ibadan (Nigeria)
Age: 29
Birth Date:

Reports :

She contacted me by Match. Told me that she was a military officer from the military in Canada. she was alone, her husband had passed away, no relatives and she wanted to leave the army now. she had been in Sweden, I think her husband or her was born here. We chat by email, for a few weeks, until that day she asked if I could take care of things she got from the military and send these things to Sweden. she wanted that I should contact a woman for more information. In the beginning, she said very fast, babe, I love you and so on. I react to that but Swedish men and American men, they are not the same to say things, I thought so. she called herself Andy March. I saw her here on a photo and recognized her, and her name is Andrew Leslie. Perhaps that man doesn't know what other use her photo, but I have 3 or 4 photos she sent to me.



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