Female Scammer Faith Akamba

Faith Akamba

Female Scammer Faith Akamba

E-mail: faith2sweetgirl500@yahoo.com
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First Name: Faith
Location [Address]: unknown Accra (Ghana)
Age: 25
Birth Date:

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the woman initiated the correspondence thru Match but quickly gave me an email address. I did see her profile on Match & it had a written profile, many pics & said she was in Boise, ID (and I'm in FL). I corresponded with her for a month until I finally was trying to do some research on her. I must have put in the right words to prompt me to come to this site where I was taken to the exact page that showed the letters from Kevin to Nancy. Her letters to me were almost verbatim & they should have been my red flag. Too flowery & expressing love. I'd asked her for some add pictures & when she sent them I saw one that I recognized from Match & it was labeled differently on Match. She never made it as far as asking for money. On 9/28 I blocked her phone number & stopped sending her emails. she tried calling me a few times from her London number but the calls were blocked. she then called me from some other # early this morning. I answered not knowing who it was & I told her I knew about her. Money sends I tunes card to make calls. What's 2.500 cash sent to South Africa now claims daughter lost luggage. She will scam u has a daughter she claims do not contact this So Please caught her. She thinks she's picking up money.



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