Female Scammer Ekaterina Martinova

Ekaterina Martinova

Female Scammer Ekaterina Martinova

E-mail: katerinka.martinova@yandex.ru
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First Name: Ekaterina
Location [Address]: Ukraine, Poltava region, Reshe Lugansk (Ukraine); Poltava (U
Age: 27
Birth Date:
Aliases: Ana, Anechka, Aneshka, Ania, A

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Hi! We don't know each other, but I hope to fix it. If you don't mind. Recently, On the Internet on a dating site, I left my profile. And today I checked my email and saw your name! If I understand correctly, are you also alone in active search? But of course you don't have to answer. I don't know how I would react. And in general, this is my first time getting acquainted on the Internet.Oh yes, I'm Irina Let's get acquainted! I'm from Ukraine. I'm 34 years old. Looking for a man for a serious relationship. Of course, I am ready for a meeting by mutual consent. But the distance doesn't scare me either. Still, we live in a modern world where trains run and planes fly.Well; I do not know what else they say here in such cases. I don't want to play cat and mouse. I speak plainly.I'm tired of being alone...I'm sorry if I caught you off guard. If you don't want to get acquainted, just tell me about it. I won't be offended.I'll be glad to meet you.



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