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Female Scammer Anna Vedernikova

Anna Vedernikova

Female Scammer Anna Vedernikova


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First Name: Anna
Location [Address]: Russia, 425550, Kuzhener, Step Kuzhener (Russia)
Age: 27
Birth Date:
Aliases: Ana, Anechka, Aneshka, Ania, A

Reports :

"Hello my good **** :)
Today I can write you again, and I do it. With great joy))
You already know that me 27 years old. And I have experience in relationships.
I would like to ask you a few questions. I have a very sensitive issue for you ****.
Can I ask you a question?
How many women have you had before me? How long have you had ****** relations in front of me?
And what happened at the end of your relationship? Who was the first to initiate the breakup (separation)?
You hit a woman ever? **** are you an honest person? **** I can trust you?
I would like to talk about my situation. Many years ago I met a man in the city of VOLOGDA.
We have met. Everything was in order. He worked as a loader in the alcohol warehouse.
He had the hard work and almost every day after work, he drank.
I thought that this (alcohol ) will not prevent us. But after two months there were changes to the worse.
He began to drink more more moreeee.
When he was *****, he hit me with his hands. I went to work, with bruises.
I had to wear clothing that covers my bruises. With a long-sleeved.
I decided to end this relationship. I was afraid to leave him.
Because he promised, when I did, he would **** me with his bare hands.
I went to the police, and now I'm safe.
I change jobs because of this.
I keep place a secret where I live and work.
I believe that God saved me from this man.
I am a normal and healthy woman. And I want a clean and healthy family.
Without alcohol and beatings.
Therefore, I want a family with a man who begins to love me and protect me. I would like to tell you that I feel for you ****. You were very interesting me.
When I read your letter, I believe you are a good man.
I never want bad for you. I want to be honest with you, and that is why I have to tell you the story of my life.
I'll send you four photos. I believe, when you look at them, you will have the warmest feelings for me.
Please do not hesitate to send more pictures of yourself. I wanna see you ****.
I wait with eagerly to your messages.. and I want to see from you Answer again.
I AM VERY LONELY. Here I have no one.
I just have one school girlfriend. That's all.((
No relatives. No brothers. And there are no sisters. ((
Only one girlfriend, just as I am.((
Your Anna Vedernikova Ps. I have good news for you! I have a surprise for you. In the evening Send surprise to you ****. check your mailbox"



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