Female Scammer Amy Robins

Amy Robins

Female Scammer Amy Robins

E-mail: amyrobins885@yahoo.com
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First Name: Amy
Location [Address]: unknown Lagos (Nigeria)
Age: 29
Birth Date:
Aliases: Ammy

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Scam Report

I met her on Instagram, she told me she is a widower with two kids Jack is 21 years and Charlotte is 16. She said she worked for real estate as a real estate agent but she wanna leave the states and relocate to Germany. She showed me a cashier's check with her severance payment. We have chatted for 6 months, but every time anything came between, once the bank has not accepted her transactions because her car license was expired so she couldn't get access for transfer. Then her daughter gets sick and needed a kidney transplant. She wanted to transfer the money for the surgery with withdrawal but she hadn't enough to open this account. Every time anything happens and she asked me for little sum to help. It wasn't much I have paid, all together in all this month’s 1500 Euro. I feel ashamed that I was fallen for a scammer. It makes me feel worthless to be loved. Worthless as a man.



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