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Scam 1:
Scammer Name:johnmidexs Orental.
Email title:John Mides Oriental
country:United States
Starting date of correspondance:2009-10-16
End date of correspondance:2009-10-22


Thursday, October 22, 2009 1:35 PM
martysharma: DO YOU DO PROGRAMS
martysharma: FOR THE COMPUTER?
martysharma: tell me joh
johnmidexs: can work for me dear ??
martysharma: john which program did you use, to access me
johnmidexs: you will be printing some check out daily
johnmidexs: is an hime work okay
johnmidexs: i came across your advert that you need job
johnmidexs: post in
martysharma: true,
martysharma: but tell me, where are you and why can't i trust you to give me your real name
johnmidexs: am in alaska now
johnmidexs: and am from U K rigth
martysharma: so are you in anchorage
martysharma: so teill me who do you work for
johnmidexs: this payroll dispaching
johnmidexs: you will be dispaching some check
martysharma: so how much do yu make say in a week
johnmidexs: no
johnmidexs: you will be having good income
johnmidexs: $1200 monthly
johnmidexs: okay
martysharma: will this be under the table?
martysharma: do I pass go , or go to jail>
johnmidexs: what do you mean by jail ??
martysharma: you know is it legal
johnmidexs: yes
johnmidexs: legit
martysharma: if not i will not pass go , i will go to jail
johnmidexs: not legal
martysharma: how much do you make each month
martysharma: this is a side line job job for you
martysharma: but tell me, something, that bothers me johnmidexs has signed back in. (10/22/2009 5:20 AM)
martysharma: so put it all into an email and mail me what it is I will be doing, say a sample
martysharma: can you do that>
martysharma: why can you not give me your real name
johnmidexs: john oriental
johnmidexs: okay
johnmidexs: thas my real name
martysharma: hummm.......... you need some lovin , to get the chip off your shoulder there sweety
martysharma: you work in a office right
martysharma: and this is a side line job
martysharma: tell me is this number a check number, 1436684283274669
martysharma: as i tried calling it , and got nowhere
martysharma: how do you dial

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Scam 2:
Scammer Name:ahmad.
Email title:yahoo
Starting date of correspondance:2008-07-27
End date of correspondance:2008-07-29

i want i see pictures jessica.
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thank you