Scammer Havanese pups sale 

Pet Scammer Havanese Puppy 


Title Name: Havanese pups sale
Main Breed: Havanese Puppy
Phone No: 12345
Address: Nill
Breed Varieties:

Description :

Havanese pups sale scammer

Individuals who are looking to buy a havanese puppy online are being targeted by scammers. These criminals have created a website called in order to look legitimate.They post adverts on community websites advertising puppys.After you contact the scammers about the puppy, the scammers state that the puppy needs to be transferred to their area and that requires an upfront payment. The prefered payment system is Moneygram, Western Union or Walmart to Walmart but they will accept any form of payment including bitcoin, iTunes vounchers or bank transfer.
Do not think that you can trace them if they use bank transfer as they will often use a ?mule? who is not aware they are part of a scam.The down payment is then sent via wire transfer. The scammers then ignore your calls and emails or will contact you and tell you that something else has come up and they need further payment for the delivery of the puppy.These criminals are happy for you to give them your Credit Card details which they will later use to empty your account. Of course once you have given them your credit card details they will demand that you pay by wire transfer! will claim to deliver the puppy using a Scam Delivery company which is actually another scam website they set up in order to steal your money by charging for non existent delivery, a air conditioned travel crate, medical insurance for your puppy as well as multiple other fees.To see more scam websites involving havanese puppys have a look at Havanese Puppy

HavanesePupsSale is a website that claims to offer purebred Havanese puppies for sale. The site has been criticized by many for its alleged involvement in puppy scams. Many people have reported being scammed out of hundreds or even thousands of dollars for puppies that were never delivered.

The website claims to be selling puppies from reputable breeders, but there is no evidence to suggest that any of the puppies sold by HavanesePupsSale are purebred. There are several red flags that should lead potential buyers to be suspicious of the website, including the fact that the site does not offer any information on the breeders or their location. Furthermore, the site does not list any contact information for the breeders, making it difficult to verify the legitimacy of the puppies being sold.

The website does accept payments via PayPal and credit cards, but the lack of transparency makes it difficult to determine if the payments are being sent to the legitimate breeder or if the money is going to a scammer. In addition, the prices listed on the website are often significantly lower than what reputable breeders charge, which should be further cause for concern.

The website also features a "guarantee" that all puppies are healthy and up-to-date on their vaccinations. However, there is no evidence to suggest that any of the puppies sold on HavanesePupsSale have actually been vaccinated. Furthermore, many customers have reported receiving sick puppies or puppies that are not the breed they were promised.

In conclusion, HavanesePupsSale is a website that should be avoided as there is strong evidence to suggest that it is involved in a puppy scam. The website does not provide any information about the breeders or the puppies being sold, and the prices listed are often significantly lower than reputable breeders charge. Furthermore, there are many reports of customers being scammed out of hundreds or even thousands of dollars for puppies that never arrived. As such, potential buyers should be wary of HavanesePupsSale and should avoid the website altogether.

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