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Ksenia Aristova - Poland Job Scammer

Ksenia Aristova, is a popular scam female name used in Poland's job consultancy sector. Ksenia Aristova has been under scrutiny due to allegations surrounding her company's practices. Operating within the realm of job placement services, Aristova's firm has come under fire for allegedly accepting payments from job seekers in exchange for securing them employment opportunities in Poland.

However, concerns have been raised regarding the transparency and legitimacy of these transactions. It's been suggested that the promised jobs may not always materialize or may not align with the expectations set forth by the job seekers. This has led to accusations of potential exploitation of individuals seeking employment opportunities.

Authorities are investigating the matter, aiming to determine whether Aristova's company has been operating within the confines of the law and ethical business practices. Meanwhile, job seekers who have engaged with her consultancy are urged to exercise caution and verify the legitimacy of any promises made regarding job placements. Almost all job offers made by this company are fake. They give 1 out of 10 jobs and steal money from all others.

Modes operandi of this scammer Ksenia Aristova is to offer jobs in poland and take money upfront. Then they delay the job finding process saying that they are still looking for the right company for the victim. Truth they get 1 out of 10 victims placed and steal money from remaining 9 victims. They have less scam reports because most of the victims don't report since they think Scammer Ksenia aristova is still looking for jobs for them. When infact some victims are waiting for more than 2 years to hear back from Ksenia Aristova.

About associated with Ksenia Aristova, a purported hiring and recruitment platform in Europe, especially targeting Poland, Czech Republic, and Germany, has surfaced as a potential scam site. Here's why caution is warranted:

  • what makes this website a scam - Lack of contact details: Crucial contact information such as phone numbers, email addresses, or physical locations are conspicuously absent. This lack of transparency makes it difficult to validate the website's legitimacy, hinting at potential involvement in scams.

  • Hosting in a high-fraud country: The website's hosting in a nation notorious for fraud and corruption, as per the International Banking Federation, suggests a deliberate effort to obscure its true identity or location, indicative of scam operations.

  • Dubious testimonials: Testimonials on the site are notably vague and generic, lacking specifics about the offered jobs or services. Many appear to be copied from elsewhere, implying potential engagement in fraudulent activities or scams.

  • Social media absence and lack of reviews: The site's complete absence from social media and the absence of reviews from independent sources raise suspicions about its credibility and reputation, further indicating potential involvement in scams.

  • ksenia-aristova-scam

    Any testimonials or references to testimonials are fake on this website which is an indication of a scam.

Here are a few examples about :



Given these alarming findings, it's clear is a SCAM. The website is a scam, deceiving individuals with false promises of European employment opportunities. To avoid falling prey to such scams, it's advisable to seek out more reputable and trustworthy sources for employment assistance. Additionally, testimonials cautioning against the platform underscore the importance of vigilance when dealing with such services.

Check the reports from users regarding on our site


Dear Muhammad Hassan Shahzad,

Thank you for contacting our service. We will be glad to help you with official employment in the Republic of Poland. The Polish economy is currently booming & some of the local employers are ready to hire personnel from all around the world. In cooperation with Polish HR agencies, we offer direct contracts with these companies. Here is step by step guide through the whole process: The employment company will obtain a work invitation (for 1 year) on your name according to the open vacancy through the local Voivodeship Administration. Original documents will be shipped to you by courier service. You will have to submit your application in person to the Consular Division of the Republic of Poland or VFS office in your country. Please let us know the appointment date in advance - so the employment company will contact the embassy to support your application. As soon as your visa is granted, you are ready to depart to Poland.

Depending on the work type either an introduction or training will be carried out on arrival. After 3 months of continuous employment, you are eligible for the residence permit from 1 year up to 3 years. Work visa package includes invitation letter for work (1 year), guarantee letter, employment agreement, accommodation confirmation, company registration details. To support your application the employer will contact the consulate by email on the day of appointment requesting to favour your application & consequently grant the visa. Right now we have open vacancies for the production line (food & nonfood products), supermarket & warehouse staff, construction & driver jobs. If you still have questions about the embassy requirements, please look through an attachment. It's an official document taken from the website of the Embassy of Poland. Employment requirements: minimum 18 years of age speak English at the basic level clean criminal background In order to proceed further send me the following information: CV including background of basic knowledge & skills your residential address and phone number passport copy (1,2 page + pages with marks) planned arrival date to Poland (at least 3-5 months ahead) Time-frames: work invitation processing takes 45-65 days, delivery worldwide up to 5 days, D-type visa application through the embassy of Poland 10-20 days.

Recruiting fees: Part 1. Advance payment €300 - complete employment package (employment permit, guarantee letter, employment agreement, accommodation confirmation, registration details Part 2. Final payment €300 - as soon as the documents approved & scanned copies provided, before shipping originals by courier service Total price: €600 *documents delivery isn't included and depends on your location & courier service. We cover all expenses except for courier charges, embassy fees & your travel expenses. Payments accepted: Visa/MasterCard, Webmoney, Western Union, Money Gram, Bank Wire. Looking forward to hearing from you soon -- Best regards, Ksenia Aristova Customer Support Work in Europe Ltd. Gdańska 123, office 44 Bydgoszcz, 85-022, Poland tel. 48 (889) 084 080 (WhatsApp) Holosiivs'kyi Prospekt, 132, office 741 Kyiv, 03127, Ukraine tel. +38 096 267 26 19 (WhatsApp) Email: Our Facebook, Instagram, Messenger


Based on these findings, we would advise you to be very careful when dealing with It is possible that the website is a scam that tries to lure people with false promises of employment in Europe. If you are interested in working in Europe, we would suggest looking for other, more reliable and trustworthy sources of information and assistance.


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