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Image Spam

Nowadays the spammers are using images to redirect the users to unrelated sites in order to convey the spam message. Even spam message filters will feel difficult to find out these types of spam images. Because those spam filters are created to find the text based spam links. In the year of 2006 Bayesian filtering was in peek to filter the spam messages and it was used by most of the anti-spam organizations. But in the end of the year the professional spammers were started to find out the new technique to send the spam message.

The name of that technique is "Image Spam". Most of the professional spammers were used Images to pass the spam messages. But the spam protector software can find those images in pixels only so it is very difficult to find out the spam messages which came via images. So many anti-spam organizations started to convert the images in a text format using OCR and then they passed the images to the other software. Then the spammers faced much difficulty to send spam messages so they started to send the spam messages through audios, noise and distortions which make the machine hard to find whether its spam or not. Even the cartoon images are being used by the spammers to redirect the users to an unwanted websites.

How to get rid of from this Image Spam:

1.First try to avoid clicking the links.
2. Then before you read your mail, try to read the mail subject or preview your mail if you configure your id in Microsoft Outlook.
3. Try to check the link of the text or image by placing the mouse pointer on it and copy the link location and paste in notepad to recheck the link page URL.
4. If you doubt the link that it may be a spam then don't ever click that text or image. Or if you find any unwanted page is opening then first close that page and delete that message.