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Harvesting E-mail Address Spam

Harvesting address spam is one of the most common type of spam. Spammers try to verify every website on a internet in a computer system. It looks for '@' symbol at the code of every webpage. So if it found the '@' symbol at the code then it'll come to know that there is an e-mail address. It captures the e-mail address by collecting either side of the '@' symbol and adds that to spammers database. Then spammers will send lots of spam mails.

Spammers can harvest e-mail addresses by using some of the following ways:

  1. With your email address
  2. From mailing lists
  3. From web pages
  4. From various paper forms
  5. From a browser
  6. From chat rooms
  7. By guessing
  8. From yellow pages
  9. By having access to the same computer system
  10. By hacking into sites


There are some ways to prevent spammers from getting your mail address.

  1. Cover your E-mail address using HTML. A robot looks for this format:
    1. Substitute some characters and symbols with their HTML ASCII numeric equivalent and your revised E-mail address looks like this: E-mail Link
    2. The appearance and ensuing link are the same.
    3. To make this process simple, use the E-mail Address Encoder to convert your email address into the equivalent decimal entity automatically.

  2. Cover your mail address using JavaScript. Some parts of your mail address wil be assigned to variables.

  3. Encryptec by Invisitec which encrypt your HTML source code programs can be used. Or can try a program like Advanced HTML Optimizer which compress your source code making it more difficult to read or to translate.