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EBay Scams

EBay scams are however an additional materialization of the "account information verification" on online scam. The scammer's mail across their target in an email with the eBay symbol occasionally, they even take in links to the genuine eBay User Agreement and Privacy Policy page for an additional verisimilitude. The email claims that eBay is necessitating the objective to go to their Web site and fill up the requisite information, such as credit card numbers and other private financial information. A number of reasons are given for this, all of them mock.


  • If the URL you're being intended for to begin with http:// as an alternative of https:// the additional "s" is for "secure".
  • Go straight to the site rather than by means of the offered link.
  • Go through out the site properly.
  • Do not reveal out your personal information.
  • Do not follow up the links provided.
  • Report to the eBay if you suspect a spoofed mail.

Are you victim of EBay Scams then report complaints at,

  • Report scam to United States government-you could file a complaint about scam or other crime here.
  • Contact the law enforcement officials at the local and state level ( i.e. your local and state police departments).
  • And you can also contact law enforcement officials in the perpetrator's town & state.
  • Else file a complaint with the transporter USPS, UPS, Fed-Ex, etc.