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Points to be noted down to avoid scams

Keep in mind all the points mentioned below are few tips to avoid scam and be cautious. If something happen, fright will not repair it. Check the Help Pages to see conditions if there's somewhat that could help. Because people are in charge for their possess account information, there can be no assurance that a little can be done, particularly as a few will make the say that they were scammed while it was their own oversight.

Do not disclose your password:

Do not disclose your password to anyone. If someone contacts you and asks about the password or the code do not reveal. Do not believe in any type of claims if he tells he is your relative or they say I need to transfer money of the lucky dip, ask them to courier it. By any chance never reveal it to anyone. Because there are various professional scammers waiting to misuse your id using the password you reveal.

Don't distribute your account details:

Don't share account information by any reason do not allow anyone to use or borrow your account even it's your friend asking you for playing a game. Do not trust people who are always questioning and are curious. Giving out account information is not a good idea. There have been several examples of friends, siblings, etc. Distributing account information some day, can very easily access your account. An additional technique that somebody possibly will discover out your account information is by lettering it down. The most excellent way to keep your password secure is to learn it by heart. Also, it's superior not to use again the same passwords, in view of the fact that telling somebody the password for one thing might reason as a difficulty for someone.

Don't "buy and sell" accounts:

People can articulate that they will reveal their account information and in turn you must reveal yours do not ever try this. If you confer them yours, but they visibly don't be concerned about their account even if they continue using it or not. So don't worry considering it, just ignore this type of situations.

Be cautious when you make use of the 'Save' feature:

By no means use your private account information on public computers, as public there will be capable to observe your account name and the length of your password, making it easier to conjecture at the very slightest. People would as well be capable to login and modify your account. It's at supreme not to use it, but if you have your own computer, it's safer to use this characteristic; just make in no doubt that you can put a stop to others from right of entry to it.

Make safe password:

You need not type your password always it might be stolen. Do not use your username as your password or a password with only a slight change. Never use the commonly used series like 1234 or abcde. Use special characters or numbers or capitalization in between of your password. Always create the maximum characters you can so that it gets harder to guess, but don't make it so complex that you often keep forgetting it. Have something which is a common term in your life.