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1. Consumer Informations
According to the FTC: You should ignore all mail and phone solicitations of foreign lottery promotions. If you receive what looks like lottery material from a foreign country, give it to your local postmaster.

2. Scambusters
Today's issue is about foreign lottery scams. You may think you'll never fall for any of these foreign lottery scams, but the new offline variants are so clever that we highly recommend you read this issue to learn about them.

3. Department of Justice
The Consumer Protection and Antitrust Bureau of the New Hampshire Attorney General's Office strongly suggests that you Don't Cash That Check!

4. Lottery Regulator
It is illegal for US Citizens to enter foreign lotteries: Federal Statute

5. Typical Lottery Scam
Like other "too good to be true" scams, lottery scams offer the victim great wealth in exchange for paying taxes and other processing fees up-front.

6. Unexpected prize
Unexpected prize and lottery scams work by asking you to pay some sort of fee in order to claim your prize or winnings from a competition or lottery you never entered.

7. A Cautionary Tale
They've partnered with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and others to identify, disrupt, and dismantle organizations perpetrating these schemes, to seize the proceeds of their operations, and to return stolen money to victims. Thanks to these partnerships, a Canadian man was sentenced to 78 months in a U.S. prison on July 17 after pleading guilty to racketeering, mail and wire fraud, and conspiracy for his role in a lottery scheme that stole more than $8 million from elderly widows and widowers in the U.S.

8. Consumer Protection
Foreign lottery fraud is one of the most pernicious scams targeting older Coloradans today. The scams come from dozens of countries, but many of them originate in Jamaica and are aimed at older, home-bound victims.

9. News Center
Pursuant to sections 206 and 207 of the Criminal Code, foreign lotteries are illegal in Canada. Anyone who makes, prints, advertises, publishes or participates in a foreign lottery is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction.

10. Tips to avoid
Attorney General Mark Brnovich is warning Arizonans about a widespread foreign lottery scheme. Victims continue to receive unsolicited contact informing them that they have won millions of dollars in another country's lottery but that they need to pay a fee to claim their prize. Victims send money, but never receive winnings.

11. Onguard Online
An offer to play a foreign lottery can be tempting and fun, but it's also illegal. If a sweepstakes run by an American company is legitimate, you won't have to pay to enter or to win. That's the law. No federal government agency runs or supervises a lottery; regardless, if you have to pay, it's a purchase, not a prize."

12. International Lottery Scam
The pitch may be enticing, but to succumb to a solicitation that comes by mail or telephone offering you the chance to enter a high-stakes overseas lottery is very unwise. Not only is this almost always a scam, but it's against federal law in the United States" advises Georgia's Law Department.

13. Stop Sending Money
The American Citizen Services section in Kingston receives frequent inquiries from citizens who have been defrauded for hundreds and even thousands of dollars by Advance Fee Fraud scammers in Jamaica. The most prevalent in Jamaica is the lottery scam, where scammers lead victims to believe they have won a drawing or lottery, but the cash or prizes will not be released without upfront payment of fees or taxes. Scammers frequently target the elderly or those with disposable income.

14. Solicitors Regulation Authority
In some cases, names of lawyers or those working with them are used to make the claim more credible. The firms identified may be genuine law firms that have no idea their name is being used.

15. The Inspectors
Overseas calls are disguised by Magic Jack?Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) devices. It allows callers to have a U.S. area code displayed, so international calls appear to recipients as domestic calls.

16. Postal Inspection Service
Lottery and sweepstakes fraud cost Americans millions each year. Protect your loved ones and yourself. To report foreign lottery fraud, call 1.877.876.2455. For more information, visit the United States Postal Inspection Service's site.

17. Stop Fraud Colorodo
Most foreign lottery solicitations sent to addressees in the U.S. do not come from foreign government agencies or licensees. Instead, they come from "bootleggers" who seek exorbitant fees from those wishing to play. The activities of the scammers are neither being controlled nor monitored by the government of the country in which they are located.

18. Beware Lottery Scam
Remember, a legitimate lottery or sweepstakes does not require you to pay fees to collect your prize, and taxes are due only AFTER you receive the winnings," Rubenstein said. "Don't take the bait.

19. Consumer Enviroinmental Division
District Attorney Gary Lieberstein said, "I want to warn Napa County residents not to fall for this Foreign Lottery Scam or similar type mail or telephone scams. I suggest you abide by this tried and true maxim: 'If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't true.'

20. International Scams
While the Internet has opened up a world of opportunities for commerce and communication, it has also provided scam artists with an unlimited number of potential victims. Many of the scams that technologically savvy con artist use are variations of those that have been around for many years.

21. Sweapstakes
Area residents, especially seniors, should be aware of scams which have generally been operating from Canada. Those who seem to be most susceptible to these scams are people who participate in sweepstakes entries, which they receive through the mail.

22. Sweapstakes
Contact the FTC: or 1?877?FTC?HELP. Legitimate lottery and sweepstakes administrators never charge fees to deliver your prize. If you send money, you will never get it back.

23. Credit Union
We see our fair share of scams at Centris, and one of the best ways we can fight this battle and prevent losses to our members and the credit union is through education. Two of our employees were recently asked to be on a planning committee with the Better Business Bureau to help create ways to fight fraud and raise awareness to community members and small businesses. This particular scam, involving foreign lotteries, costs US consumers over $100 million every year.

24. General Fraud
When you respond to a lottery solicitation, you identify yourself as a potential victim, resulting in many more offers for lotteries and other fraudulent money making opportunities. So don't respond to these bogus mails.

25. General Fraud
If you play a foreign lottery ? through the mail or over the telephone: You are violating Federal Law.