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“New” AI-Powered Trading Platform Scam Confirmed

By ScamRipper Jul 6, 2023

A new scam has been identified in the form of an AI-powered trading platform. This trading platform is making it look like it is a legitimate platform when in fact it is nothing more than an attempt to steal people’s money. The way this scam operates is that users are encouraged to open a trading account on the platform, which will then connect to their bank account or credit card. The user will then be prompted to make various deposits and trades. What the user does not realise is that their money is going straight into the pocket of the company that is running the scam, and not into any legitimate trading platform. In addition, the AI-powered trading platform is also using advanced algorithms to make trades for the user. This means the user has little to no understanding of what they are trading, and will be surprised when their money disappears. It is important to be aware of this scam so that people do not fall victim to it.

“New” AI-Powered Trading Platform Scam
“New” AI-Powered Trading Platform Scam

The best way to avoid getting scammed is to research any platforms you are considering before committing to them. Make sure to check for reviews and comments online to see whether other people have had negative experiences. Stay away from platforms that offer unrealistic returns or seem too good to be true.Additionally, do not connect your bank account or credit card to any platforms unless you are 100 percent certain that they are legitimate. The best way of protecting yourself from this scam is to educate yourself about the world of trading. Learn about the different types of investment platforms, keeping in mind that the AI-powered trading platform that is being advertised is almost certainly a scam. With the proper knowledge about the trading world, you can protect yourself against similar scams and be sure that you are investing your money wisely.

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