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Daily News Updates – July 7

By ScamRipper Jul 7, 2023

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5 Arrested for Donations Scam

donations in financial scam
donations in financial scam

SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP, Pa. – People seeing or hearing about a family involved in a terrible tragedy looking for help might be inclined to donate financially.

But, police in Delaware County are sending out a warning. They say beware of sad stories and those seeking a person’s hard-earned money for themselves. Read more

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Scam callers targeting San Antonio residents

Scam callers
Scam callers

SAN ANTONIO – If you get a call from a City of San Antonio department asking for payment or a money transfer, hold the phone. It’s a scam.

City officials said Friday they’ve received reports of residents getting calls from scammers who are “spoofing” phone numbers from city departments. Read more

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Vanishing paychecks: USPS workers and fake website scam

Vanishing paychecks
Vanishing paychecks

Paltry cybersecurity and slow-moving bureaucracy at the U.S. Postal Service meant hundreds of mail carriers, handlers and service clerks fell victim to a complex direct deposit scheme that left them without pay and angry that the federal government had failed to heed multiple warnings. Read more

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