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Portland woman had $23,000 stolen through Zelle payment app scam

A Portland woman was scammed out of $23,000 after someone posing as a Chase bank representative stole money through the Zelle mobile banking app.

PORTLAND, Ore. — The trouble started when Lisa Mae Osborn got an unexpected text message warning, “J.P. Morgan Chase Bank Alert: Did you attempt a Zelle payment for the amount of $5,000?”

Scammers are sending fake ‘store’ surveys and impersonating Amazon

Scammers send you a text message that appears to be from a well-known chain store offering a free product, discount or gift card to anyone who completes a survey, according to a news release by the BBB. Many of them state that it is a limited-time offer so you’ll need to act fast if you want to receive your gift, the BBB says.
sending fake store surveys-scammer

Elderly Fenton man a victim of phone scam:-

Out $2,500 to unknown caller who claimed he was trying to help resident whose computer had been hacked
An 86-year-old Fenton man reported to Fenton police that he had been scammed out of $2,500. The man told police that someone had called his phone and told him that his computer had been hacked and that he needed to send the caller $4,500 in Apple gift cards so that he could retrieve the personal information from his computer.

Circulating Lottery Scam in Canada

A fraudulent scam has been noticed in a town named Okotoks in Canada. The residents are being contacted through a lawyer stating that they have won a lottery. The scammer first conveys the victim to pay some tax for winning prizes. Scammer claims that once the tax amount has been reached to them than the prize scheme will be processed. All you need to do is double check with this kind of scam calls or mail.


They may convince the victim to pay amount either via money transaction in western union bank etc. The main thing to know about any scheme regarding lottery or prize winning is that there is no tax subscription for any kind of winnings. Fraudsters may convince you to send the money in such a way by using some policy stating First pay first serve. All users need to be very careful about scam as you may not know when it can happen and by which way you may be scammed.

Okotoks RCMP are taking some necessary action against these kinds of scam schemes. They are warning the residents not to be scammed by any winning prizes or payment. Scammers mostly make use of phone scam by using Jamaican cell phone numbers or Las Vegas cell number. Same way if there is any kind of winning a contest there will be publicity in the entire commercial activity the company you’re getting the money from. There would be all sorts of announcements about any such prizes.

Rumors Claiming Death Scam of Hulk Hogan

It is very much essential to know that if there is any claim regarding any celebrity death through mail or social media, be careful without knowing the truth. There arises scam mail which circulates some wrong information. Some rumors have been circulated via social media claim that wrestling legend Hulk Hogan has been died. This kind of death messages are scams used to trick users so that they provide their personal information. If you receive any of these fake messages, do not click on any of the links.


The scam message was being dispatched stating that Hulk died due to deadly head shot that took place in revenge. This sort of false scam messages are used to trick users into spamming their friends with the same false information. If any users click on that link the page may be redirected to one of the page providing details of the users. Once if they give their personal details like phone number, mail id, age, account number etc they may be told to click an online survey where they will be allowed to go in a draw for various prizes.

It’s one of the easiest ways for scammers to earn money as by subscribing these fake schemes each time users will be willing to participate in an online survey again and again so that they can get some prizes. The fact is that till last users will be sharing and clicking the link but at the end there won’t be any video showing death clippings or no prize winners. Make sure that before believing in any rumors search with google and all media sources so that next time you may not be a victim of scam.

Pension Scams lifetime savings lost

Victims have been affected by claiming to help them access their pension before age 55 or that people can already take more than 25% of their pension as cash. For most people the offers will be bogus and victims will lose most, if not all, of their savings.


Pension scheme members who agree to transfer may lose all their savings and may still be subject to tax charges of over half their transfer value for taking an unauthorized payment.

In a bidding in order to prevent others from being enticed into trying to access their pension amount as a lump sum or loan before age 55 without understanding the tax penalties. People are being scammed into moving their retirement savings into high-risk or bogus investments that could result in losing their entire pension amount.

Before being scammed by scammers make sure that the entire checklist mentioned in a form applies to be valid. There should not be any particular field that request for your account number, bank details etc.

Make sure that each and every phrase is read and there must not be any deal regarding payment for 20% of any amount. If such dealing is met in any of the paper work or mails etc just avoid it and be aware of 419 scams.