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Twelve scams of Christmas: McAfee Warns

There is most likely no bad time of the year to be the victim of offense.

McAfee last week released a list of the majority common cyber scams as a warning to those trusting online to shop, book travel and hunt for bargains during the wild holiday season.

Where the “12 scams of Christmas” are out there year around tiring holiday times offer cyber scammers with further opportunities, said Jim Galpin, manager of Canadian consumer sales for McAfee.

Following are the most popular cyber scams McAfee says consumers should be aware to:

  1. Offers of free iPads to customers who buy other products by giving their credit card numbers.
  2. Distress mails claiming to come from a friend or family member who is demanding money be wired or transferred so they can get home.
  3. Offers of free gift cards online that needs answering questions and giving personal information.
  4. Offers of high-paying, work-at-home jobs that entail giving specified private information, such as a social insurance numbers.
  5. A new type of phishing, by which the receiver gets a text message that, is allegedly from their bank or a retailer saying something is erroneous with their account and asking them to confirm personal information. No bank or trustworthy retailer will do this.
  6. Fake holiday rentals ask down payments by credit card or wire transfer.
  7. Email offers of low-interest loans and credit cards for a processing fee.
  8. E-cards from anonymous senders, who could be incorporating viruses or malware. Delete them without opening it. (
  9. A price for a product that is method below what competitors recommend is often a hint that the website is run by scammers.
  10. Calls or emails asking for donations to a charity you’ve never heard of.
  11. Holiday-themed screensavers and further downloads that can be utilized to spread computer viruses and extra threats.
  12. Thieves applying open Wi-Fi networks, such as the ones at several airports and hotels, to steal personal details.