Biggest fare dodger loses job in commuting £43,000 scam

A 44 year old man Exec Jonathan Burrows of East Sussex was an executive of one of the biggest fare dodger in history – avoiding the £21.50-a-day fee in rail ticket, despite owning two mansions worth £4million.His commuting scam came to a picture when a ticket officer at London’s Cannon Street station, saw him swiping through the ticket barriers with his pre-paid Oyster travel card.

fare dodger

He was not using his oyster card to travel from London Bridge .i.e. East Sussex to Cannon Street. Jonathan owned £42,550 in unpaid fares, plus £450 in legal costs. All BlackRock wanted to do was make things easier for all.

It had no prurient pecuniary motive in launching its own corporate bond-trading platform. It just wanted to help. That’s how it’s become the world’s largest money. Jonathan was a fund manager in BlackRock dealing with millions of pounds on daily basis. He was one among the biggest asset manager all over the world.

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