Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Pigbutchering: The $4 Billion Scam Targeting American Victims Last Year

By ScamRipper Jun 20, 2024 #Scams

Dennis Jones, a passionate runner and photographer, was cherished by his children and grandchildren. However, in the final months of his life, he distanced himself from his family after forming an online relationship with a woman named Jessie on Facebook. Tragically, after transferring his savings to Jessie, Dennis took his own life. He was among countless victims of a vast global criminal enterprise primarily operated by Chinese gangs. These gangs have established a multibillion-dollar scam industry in Southeast Asia, coercing numerous individuals into working as scammers. Many of these people are held against their will in guarded compounds, forced to deceive victims worldwide and drain them of their life savings.

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