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The Better Business Bureau (BBB) ranks the top 10 scams in 2011. In that top 10 scams, first one is common, email scam that can steal password and other personal information and the nine other scams are,

  • Job scam: This type of scam is mainly target to the unemployed persons       who seeking for job. Many e-mails, websites and online forms are actually phishing scam that steal your identity and many will ask you to fill out credit-card information.
  • Sweepstakes and lottery scam: It will send you a mail to claim a won amount or a big prize, but in order to do this you should pay a small amount of money. Recently this type of scam like this “Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg promising a $1 million prize”.
  • Social media/online-dating scam: This will mainly focus on your social media sites that will search your personal data. It will send you a message on social network like your friend sending. (Ultram HCL) If you open means it leads to download a worm that logs into your social media account and search your personal information.
  • Home-improvement scam: It will knock on your door and provide a deal on services. They will identify a serious problem and say they can repair it for lower cost. The BBB told that this is the most evil of these scammers show up after a natural disaster
  • Check-cashing scam: A purchaser gives you a check for extra than they buy and asks you to deposit it into your bank account and then send them the difference via Western Union. After several days, the bank links you to tell you the check is no good.
  • Phishing scam: This scam is mainly designed to steal your personal information. It will send you a mail to claim your money. The e-mail claims a transaction and asks you to click on a link.
  • Identity-theft scam: Some hotels are warning about a scam in which guest may get a call in middle of night from the desk clerk to verify your credit card. Beware, it isn’t from desk clerk.
  • Financial scam: Some companies offer help with mortgages or balance due relief with names and sites similar to valid ones. To enter this they will ask for front fees.
  • Sales scam: This type of scam is come as “Internet auction” that will tell to customers to bid a following items with $1. If you enter this you will lose your money.

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