Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

In internet, the online business may affect by two types of attacks. One is direct attack to your Organization and another type is Mass shotgun style of attacks that are designed to infect any users. In these direct attack is the most dangerous method to attack your businesses. It uses advanced technique includes zero-day exploit or a new piece of malware to gain permission through a backdoor onto the user’s machine.

M86 Security has listed five safety measures against the internet scams.

1. Reanalyze your current security

To protect your businesses against scams, re-examine the security products used in your business. Ask your present vendors hard questions about accurately how they identify and block these threats. The best method must have a solid base of reactive controls in antivirus and URL scanning with proactive technologies such as real-time code analysis. Test the products and make sure that the vendors are investing in threat examine.

2. Stay up to date

Scammers commonly target the old version web browsers or applications. So keep web browsers, add-ons/extensions and desktop applications as updated versions.

3. Educate users about security awareness

Internet usage is the main part of a security. So give the knowledge about the internet security. Give examples of social networking scams and tell how easily the computer get affected and force them to maintain applications up to date. Alert everyone from clicking on any email links.

4. Utilize browser add-ons or extensions for an extra layer of security

Use the NoScript extension for Mozilla Firefox to limit the execution of JavaScript code.

Use Mozilla Firefox NoScript Extension to limit the execution of JavaScript code. There are many free tools such as M86 SecureBrowsing to analyze links in the Search engine results and web pages for any malicious code. It also analyzes shortened URL’s in Twitter.

5. Secure your Social Networking site accounts.

Set the Privacy settings in your social networking site accounts. Configure privacy settings corrected, because incorrect configuration may lead the scammers to access your accounts easily.

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