Hacking victims own facebook account

The scammer gives assurance to a victim to access others facebook account by just following some simple steps. The victim is being instructed to open his facebook page in a browser and go to the person whom they need to hack the account.Special instructions are being narrated by the scammers so that the victim’s come to their track. For e.g. right click on the victim’s facebook page, one pop-up menu displays select inspect element from it.HTML editor opens, the scammers instruct to copy a block of code and paste it into browser.


As per the scammers claim, the code has nothing to do with hackers account rather the victim is being scammed by his own account. Scammers can have full control and access of your own account. They can make you as a target and get information of many other victims. They can post some fake information as well as even scam other victims by launching any fraud plans. If this sort of any activity takes place just you need to change the email id, password and any personal details including bank account no, phone no etc.

If a victim is being scammed by some scammer or fraudsters, the first thing you can do is file a complaint or can report it to any federal organizations or agencies. Being a victim you can share your views so as to bring awareness among several viewers. Please be aware of all kinds of scams. Take necessary steps to avoid all scams or fraudulent activities.

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