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Daily News Updates – January 25

By ScamRipper Jan 25, 2024

Scam News 1

Ulster Bank manager expresses satisfaction as £20,000 fraud is successfully thwarted.

The manager of a bank in County Armagh commends two staff members for their vigilance in preventing a customer from falling victim to a £20,000 scam. Employees at the Ulster Bank branch in Lurgan identified a woman attempting to transfer funds from her account this week, prompted by a fraudulent call purporting to be from BT.

Scam News 2

Israeli police recommend charging Prime Minister Netanyahu with bribery.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, face recommendations of indictment by Israeli police for alleged fraud and bribery.

The suspicion revolves around granting regulatory favors to the Bezeq telecom firm, with the purported expectation of favorable media coverage for the couple. Netanyahu has denied these allegations in what is referred to as Case 4000. The Israeli attorney-general will be tasked with deciding whether to proceed with charges in this case.

Scam News 3

Lawmakers advocate for increased accountability from banks and telecommunications companies in preventing scams, urging them to assume a larger portion of victims’ losses.

Numerous Members of Parliament have called on financial institutions and telecommunications companies to enhance their commitment to preventing scams and assisting victims. They specifically endorsed the recently introduced shared responsibility framework, advocating for banks and telcos to shoulder a larger portion of their clients’ losses. Additionally, concerns were raised about the framework’s perceived limitations, as it currently addresses only phishing scams.

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