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Daily News Updates – January 24

By ScamRipper Jan 24, 2024

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Deceptive Romance Scheme Lures Individuals with the Prospect of a “Sugar Momma.”

If someone proposes giving you money without any apparent reason, there’s likely a catch, isn’t there? In this novel variation of a romance scam, a fraudster presents themselves as a potential ‘sugar momma’ or ‘sugar daddy,’ offering to cover your expenses. However, recent reports on the BBB Scam Tracker indicate that it’s merely a ploy to deceive victims into parting with their money.

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Beware of this apparent favor for a friend; it’s actually a cunning scam.

A warning from BBB highlights a deceptive scam disguised as a favor for a friend. Individuals are cautioned to stay vigilant and avoid falling victim to this cleverly disguised fraudulent scheme.

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Tis the time for giving, yet scammers exploit the season to deceive and take advantage of charitable intentions. Stay vigilant and ensure your donations go to legitimate causes.

During the holiday season, with numerous transactions, spotting fraudulent credit card charges, especially those appearing as charity donations, can be challenging. Stay vigilant by closely monitoring your credit card statements.

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