We believe economy-allied scams will fall down a nick in 2010, not so much because of a turn down in their occurrence as because of a further enormous growth in Internet- and cell phone-borne malware.

The practices of attracting people into clicking links or visiting sites that upload viruses, Trojans and spyware onto computers and cell phones is confirming massively well-known among scammers because of lot different uses this malware can be put to.

Victim machines may be configured into vast botnets (networks of “zombie” machines used to mail out spam, or they might mount scareware or key-logging and further “sniffer” programs that steal details for identity theft. See How to Spot and Rip scam in Ripandscam.com

There is also an occurrence of grandparent scams, in which a phone caller declares to be a grandchild necessitating critical financial help; will drop out of Top Scams list for 2010.

However that’s not to state it will vanish, simply it will be substituted by a newcomer called doorstep scams, which we look ahead to illustrate a intelligent increase because of fake 2010 Census canvassers.

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