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New Phishing Scam Targeting Apple IDs

By ScamRipper Jul 10, 2024 #Scam issues

A new phishing scam aimed at stealing people’s Apple IDs is circulating widely. According to a report from security software company Symantec, the attack masquerades as a message from Apple but is actually from scammers.

The scam can come in the form of a text message or an iCloud request. When recipients click the link, they are directed to a fake page where criminals can steal their credit card numbers, passwords, and personal information.

Apple and Symantec advise users to verify the source of any suspicious messages and set up two-factor authentication. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) also recommends keeping up to date with security updates.

NGL App Banned for Users Under 18

The controversial anonymous messaging app NGL (Not Gonna Lie) has been banned from serving users under 18 years old. The FTC took this action due to widespread cyber-bullying and threats against children and teenagers on the app.

As part of the settlement, NGL has been fined $5 million. The FTC’s complaint states that millions of people have downloaded the app, which violated federal laws protecting children’s data.

In a statement, NGL’s co-founder said the company disputes the FTC’s findings but views the resolution as an opportunity to improve the app for its users.

Lawmakers and regulators are increasingly concerned about the online safety and well-being of children. Last month, the Surgeon General called for a health warning label on social media for teenagers and children, a measure that would require an act of Congress to implement.

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