Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

April fool scamSome email users have lost their money to fake offers that arrived as spam in their inbox. Scammers know cunning techniques very well how to make their claims. Some spam urges you to sign up for a any offers. Other scams invite you to a website to verify personal information, such as social security or credit card numbers. To avoid these types of scams, review these tips:

  • Safeguard your personal information. Share credit card or other private information only when you’re buying from a company you trust.
  • Know who you’re dealing with. Don’t do dealing with any company that won’t give its name, address, and telephone no.
  •  Take your time to complete the offer and the terms; because once you turn over your money, you may never get it back.
  •  Read the fine print. Obtain it in writing and review terms carefully before signing anything or sending payment.
  •  Never pay for a “free” gift. Ignore any offer that asks you to pay for a gift or prize.

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One thought on “Warning: Don’t be a fool in this April”
  1. My Name is Simran Kurani and I appearently won a Justin Bieber DNA Pendant that never came. I am pretty sure the other people must either be fake or friends. Excuse after excuses. How can we tell if it is a scam website.

    #1 Call the Business Phone #
    #2 They keep reinventing themselves, and changing.
    #3 Products are either on order, or unavailable
    #4 Check for complaints. Contest that do not pay, people who have complained, products missing.
    #5 New Management


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