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The Smart Way to Avoid Holiday Package Scams

By ScamRipper Apr 5, 2012

Many net users are targets for scammers from all over the world. Millions of dollars are being earned through scamming by e mail, phone calls, banners, & even postal mail. Of coursework, there are genuine travel offers that exist but they are being shunned because there’s been an increase of reported cases of fraud and scam.

First off, if it is lovely to be true, it probably is! In case you have not entered any travel contests & you are being communicated to about winning a brilliant holiday package, it is over likely, a scam. Secondly, as a lovely salesman would do, the scammer might give the potential scam victim pressure to make the decision.

Another major tip is to make positive you receive a receipt in printing or writing. Definitely do not be shy about asking for specifics such as the name of the hotel, airline, & so forth. You have the right to know the details.

Another rule of thumb that is found across the board when purchasing anything online or in-store, always have a duplicate of the company’s cancellation & refund policies. Also, stick with a reputable travel agency or online travel site. (Jumpermedia) Booking for a holiday ought to be thrilling but do not ruin the fun of it by falling for scams!

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