Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Spam launched a number of years ago with humble advertising mailings, which over time, have widened into a severe technical, economic and even social peril.

  1. Overload in communications. Spam blocks communication channels and builds traffic which has to be paid for by either the provider or the user (or if it’s in the case of a company). According to estimates by Alexander Ivanov, the President of the Russian Association of Networks and Services, three years ago Internet operators lost $55 million in traffic expenses from the harm sourced by spam. As well as, there are mail servers which receive and process spam, and these servers have to be preserved by highly-salaried experts. So there are extensive infrastructure running-costs also.
  2. Squander of time. If spam attains a user’s inbox, a recipient has to delete it manually. (best pharmacy) A person who operates 10-20 emails per day may receive 160-180 spam mails along with their business communication, which means that they will waste 5-6 hours per month just deleting spam, to the loss of their fruitful working time.
  3. Nuisance and Discontent. By having to manually delete spam, a user being forced to be an ‘electronic’ waste removal technician resulting in useless negative emotions.
  4. The loss of an important email that unintentionally gets removed along with the overabundance of spam.
  5. Criminalization of spam.

Year after year, the advertising component that was the original purpose of spam degenerates further towards simple criminal opportunism. Since spam mailings are anonymous, their owners often cherish the illusion that they can operate with impunity.

For several years, the advertising module that was the unique idea of spam deteriorates further towards simple illegal opportunism. Since spam mailings are unnamed, their owners often relish the fantasy that they can operate with impunity.

According to the specialists, the annual overall loss resulting from spam is estimated to be tens of billions of Dollars. As a result, anti-spam protection is not only advantageous, but an urgent prerequisite. If spammer action is not controlled, email could easily become a thing of the precedent eclipsed by the overpowering capacity of spam.

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