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USB charging scam – Malware ransomware SCAM

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USB charger scam and tips for staying safe

Are you in the habit of charging your phones in public areas? Be cautious of the emerging USB charger scam! The government has issued a cautionary notice to the public about the rising threat of this scam, emphasizing the importance of being careful when charging devices in public spaces. Cybercriminals have been known to tamper with public USB charging ports, using them to steal sensitive information or infect devices with malware.

Here’s what you need to know about the USB charger scam:

The scam is commonly found in public places like airports, cafes, hotels, and bus terminals. To reduce the risk of falling prey to this scam, it’s recommended to use traditional electrical outlets for charging. The government is raising awareness about the dangers of this scam and is urging everyone to stay alert while charging their devices in public.

Understanding the USB Charger Scam:

This scam, also known as “juice-jacking,” involves criminals manipulating USB charging ports to access and steal data from connected devices or install harmful software. This can lead to data theft, malware infection, or even ransom demands for hijacked devices.

Tips for Staying Safe from the USB Charger Scam:

  1. Prefer using conventional electrical outlets for charging your devices.
  2. Carry your own charger or a portable power bank when you’re out.
  3. Be vigilant when using public charging stations. If something seems off, such as strange behavior from the charging port or unexpected prompts on your device, stop using it immediately and report any suspicious activity to the authorities.
  4. Protect your device with security measures like a PIN or password and avoid connecting to unknown or untrusted devices.
  5. Consider charging your device while it’s powered off to reduce the risk of cyber attacks.

Remember, by taking these precautions, you can significantly lower your chances of becoming a victim of the USB charger scam. Always prioritize your cybersecurity and exercise caution when charging your devices in public places.

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