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Daily News Updates – January 10

By ScamRipper Jan 10, 2024 #Scam News

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The individual behind a romance scam in Waterloo, Ontario, who falsely asserted to be a CSIS agent, has been officially identified.

An individual conducting romance scams in Waterloo, Ontario, has recently been unmasked. Mirza Baig, 49, is accused of impersonating a CSIS agent and deceiving victims, resulting in the misappropriation of over $2 million during a 15-year span.

The Waterloo Regional Police disclosed that Baig operated under various aliases, including Burhan Baig, Burh Anali Baig, Ashtin Baig, Austin Baggio, and Romeo. Baig was apprehended on November 23 and faces charges of fraud exceeding $5,000 and possession of stolen property exceeding $5,000.

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A Sheriff’s sergeant plays a prank on a phone scammer who was impersonating him.

A South Carolina sheriff’s sergeant turned the tables on a phone scammer impersonating him in a recorded incident by the York County Sheriff’s Office. Sgt. Kevin Casey dialed a number provided by a local resident reporting the scammer targeting at least five victims.

The scammer, claiming “pressing legal matters,” abruptly hung up twice. Sheriff Kevin R. Tolson left a voicemail, stating, “You’re caught. Quit doing it.” The video was posted on Jan. 5 on social media.

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A tearful Townsend woman vehemently denies attempting to poison her husband after purported messages to a scammer were uncovered.

In Townsend, Massachusetts, Roxanne Doucette, 64, tearfully denied accusations of attempting to poison her husband with soup after engaging in online conversations with someone she believed to be soap opera actor Thorsten Kaye. Investigators claim she exchanged messages discussing her marriage and allegedly kicked a police officer who requested her phone.

Despite her emotional denial, court documents reveal texts in December suggesting harm to her husband. Roxanne insists the soup was harmless, while her husband, now released from the hospital, has filed a restraining order against her.

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