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Latest Scam: Fake Steve Jobs Charitable Foundation

By ScamRipper Nov 24, 2011

Steve Jobs Charitable Foundation is the latest fake foundation created by spammers to prey on people’s sympathies and this email written in poor English asks for donation to help young web coders. There is no such charity foundation anywhere in the world.

A few scams received for the past 2 – 3 weeks after the death of Steve Jobs included an advertisement about offering free ipads in memory of Steve Jobs. Once you click on the provided link, you will have to fill the online survey to qualify for receiving the free ipad. The ultimate objective of this scam is to drive traffic to their website.

Luis Corrons, the technical director of Panda Labs told that as soon as we heard the death of Steve Jobs, we knew that spammers would start exploiting this and spread their creations to affect the maximum number of victims within a short time.

These scams work by allowing users to enter in websites where they are told that they had won an exciting price such as an iPad or Iphone. The victim may never receive the prize but he may only receive a series of spam messages. A few other malicious websites leverage Geo-location and displays messages in different languages.

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