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Scammers are thinking more technically to beat up all the security and creating new traps and scams. According to “Australian Consumer Fraud Task-force” Survey in 2009 statistics, the incidents of adware, spyware were decreased and password stealing software was increased up to 154 percent.

The following tips can assist you, how to stay safe and be cautious on online:

1. Utilize anti-virus software:
Be aware of Malware, Trojans, backdoors, because it is the spyware to notify your events. If you don’t know about the latest anti-virus software, just click the update button and keep the anti-virus software up-to-date.  Malware is the unwanted malicious software in the computer and it normally comes via email or any attachments. (Modafinil) If you detect any, just delete it immediately. Don’t click on any attachments unnecessarily.

2. Avoid shared systems:
Avoid using common computers like internet café to access very confidential and individual information. Because, public computers may have malwares, that can follow you every events such as online banking.

3. Log-out your accounts after use:
Don’t forget to sign-out after the usage of internet banking, social media services on computers or mobiles.

4. Don’t respond emails asking about your financial details:
If any email asks regarding your financial or individual information, don’t respond any of that. It is called phishing. It looks like legitimate one, no banks send you to mails asking your details and don’t click any of the links on your email, always type the details directly into your browser. Even it looks like legitimate, it automatically redirect into illegitimate sites.

5. Block pop-ups:
Disable pop-ups on your browser. The Spyware records your keystrokes such as personal information and confidential passwords. It is often installed via pop-ups.

6.Try to make complex passwords:
Don’t make passwords easily regarding your personal information such as birth dates, names, etc… and change your passwords regularly.

7. Avoid untrusted applications:
Always use the applications from the official stores or sites, because they may steal your information’s.

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