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Daily News Updates – January 18

By ScamRipper Jan 18, 2024
Texas police warn don't fall for the fake mistress letter scamfake mistress letter scam

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The US Attorney’s office in Michigan is working to identify potential victims of an internet scam originating from Nigeria.

Texas police warn don't fall for the fake mistress letter scam

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Lansing, Michigan, is seeking victims of a nationwide Nigerian internet scam that caused over $2 million in losses. Four individuals, including a Michigander, face charges related to conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud.
The group targeted vulnerable Americans through various scams, such as romance, apartment rentals, and loans, exploiting online relationships to deceive victims into sending money to Michigan bank accounts or shell businesses. If you’ve been defrauded, the U.S. Attorney’s Office wants to hear from you.

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Gwinnett County police are cautioning property owners following a report of an “unusual” real estate scam.

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. – Gwinnett County police are warning residents about an “unusual” real estate fraud, where scammers used forged documents to deceive a woman into losing ownership of her property. The police investigation revealed an ongoing scheme involving fraudulent documents filed with the clerk’s office to obtain quitclaim deeds without the property owner’s consent.

The scammers aim to sell the property to unsuspecting buyers or extort the real owner. Police advise property owners to sign up for alerts on changes to their property records and remain vigilant, as similar cases have been reported in other Metro Atlanta counties.

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“Highly skilled actors”: Wayne County Sheriff expresses concern over scammers targeting residents in Metro Detroit.

During the holiday season, scammers are actively attempting to deceive Metro Detroiters and extract thousands of dollars. Some are using voice technology to manipulate victims. Mandana Lezgi, who almost fell victim to a money scam, warns others to stay vigilant, emphasizing the scammers’ adept acting skills and their claim of involvement in a supposed federal investigation.

The Wayne County resident received high-pressure phone calls and emails from someone posing as a federal agent, causing significant distress.

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