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Daily News Updates – January 13

By ScamRipper Jan 13, 2024

Scam News 1

Caution Issued Regarding Cryptocurrency Investment App for Potential Fraud

Police caution against investing in Coscoin, a cryptocurrency platform linked to reported fraud cases. Victims across the UK have been unable to access funds since November, with 78 individuals in the north-east losing £214,869. Authorities suspect a potential Ponzi or pyramid scheme, issuing warnings against the Washington-based Coscoin.

Scam News 2

Scammers defraud New Westminster resident of $1,800 through counterfeit gold scheme.

Counterfeit gold employed in a scheme resulting in a $1,800 loss for a New Westminster man. New Westminster law enforcement investigates.Police report scammers masquerading as robbed Dubai visitors, driving a dark grey BMW SUV with three children. The couple duped a man into buying fake jewelry for cash, exposed through subsequent tests.

Scam News 3

Online job scam results in a St. Thomas, Ont. resident losing $200,000.

St. Thomas, Ont. authorities probe a $200,000 scam where a resident, enticed by a social media pop-up ad offering employment for a $100,000 fee, ended up losing an additional $100,000. The criminal investigations branch of St. Thomas police is actively looking into the matter.

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