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Daily News Updates – July 18

By ScamRipper Jul 18, 2023

Scam news 1

Fake Rankings and Awards for Doctors and Lawyers

Fake award
Fake award

When it comes to our health or our legal needs, one of the biggest pain points is identifying a professional we can trust.

Finding a new doctor, dentist, or lawyer can be stressful; those that come recommended by friends or colleagues often aren’t taking new patients or clients. Read more

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Don’t Open That ‘Winky Face’ Email

Don't Open That 'Winky Face' Email
Don’t Open That ‘Winky Face’ Email

A highly successful email spam campaign is infecting computers with ransomware and other malware like cryptocurrency miners and botnet software that can send spam messages from your accounts without you noticing. Read more

Scam news 3

Police Warn of Fake Mistress Letter Scam in Texas

Texas police warn don't fall for the fake mistress letter scam
fake mistress letter scam

A Texas woman says she got a letter in the mail claiming to be from her husband’s alleged mistress, but investigators say it’s a scam, made partly using artificial intelligence.

It happened in Memorial Villages, a Houston neighborhood, KPRC-TV in Houston reported. Read more

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