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Daily News Updates – August 3

By ScamRipper Aug 3, 2023
Parking scamParking scam

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Parking scam uses fake QR codes

Parking scam
Parking scam

Beware of a new scam that involves fake QR codes placed near parking lots.

According to the BBB, there are multiple reports of scam artists taking advantage of this convenient way of paying for parking.Since so many parking lots are going digital and letting customers self-service pay via a QR code they scan with their phone, the scam makes perfect sense. Read more

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Missing Child Scam on Facebook

missing child scam on Facebook
missing child scam on Facebook

Alarming posts about missing children and animals are circulating through Facebook groups around the country. Unsuspecting people in Hubbard are the latest victims of what appears to be a scam as they unknowingly share the misleading posts.

Hubbard’s police chief believes the posts are fraudulent and says people should be cautious of the source. Read more

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Dead woman’s Facebook account used to scam

Dead woman’s Facebook account used to scam
Facebook account scam

(KTXL) — Molly McCarthy is a Swiftie and when she saw this post on Facebook this morning, for tickets to see Taylor Swift, Molly acted swiftly.

“I saw a Facebook post from a mutual friend, so I assumed it was like, safe to see for Taylor Swift tickets on Friday,” McCarthy said. “So I reached out to them.” Read more

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