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Ronald Damien Dexter – scammer of the day

By ScamRipper May 22, 2024 #male scammer #scammers

Ronald Damien Dexter is a known romance scammer primarily operating out of Lagos, Nigeria. At 53 years old, he uses the email address to contact potential victims. Dexter’s scam typically involves posing as a widower with two grown daughters, Sandra and Cathy. He claims that his daughters encouraged him to seek a new partner online following the tragic death of his wife in an auto accident. His initial messages are crafted to elicit sympathy and establish an emotional connection with his targets, often emphasizing his desire for a serious relationship devoid of games​.

Dexter’s modus operandi involves engaging with individuals on dating platforms, gaining their trust, and eventually manipulating them into sending money. His communications are often characterized by declarations of love and promises of a future together, which are common tactics used to exploit the emotions of his victims​​.

Reports indicate that Dexter is part of a larger network of scammers, often using similar strategies and narratives to deceive unsuspecting individuals. His profile and others like it are listed on various scam alert websites where victims can report their experiences and warn others about the dangers of engaging with him​​.

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