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Daily News Updates – February 9

By ScamRipper Feb 9, 2024

Scam News 1

Chaska law enforcement issues caution regarding telephone scam involving impersonation of an officer.

Chaska police caution residents about a telephone scam where an impersonator, claiming to be an officer, accuses individuals of missing court dates and solicits personal details over the phone. This deceptive practice is not endorsed by the department. Residents are urged to verify such calls by contacting dispatch at 952-361-1231.

Scam News 2

JPD issues warning about scammers exploiting computer-related problems to steal money.

Jasper Police Department warns of a recent computer-related scam in Jasper, Ind., where victims have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Victims report computer issues and are instructed to follow provided links or call certain numbers. Falling for this gives scammers access to their computers, compromising all data. If approached, residents are urged not to comply and seek local computer service assistance. JPD advises against transferring money to unknown entities.

Scam News 3

Individual defrauded of $51,000 by imposter claiming to be an employee of the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Rosie Rivera issued a cautionary statement on X, formerly Twitter, revealing that scammers were masquerading as Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office personnel, coercing residents into relinquishing funds. Rivera emphasized the sheriff’s office never contacts individuals for jury duty or warrants. She advised against responding to such calls or providing money.

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