Microsoft has warned, if you see a page claiming to allow you to sign up for a Halo 4 ignore that page because it’s a fake and it is meant only for revealing your Xbox Live password.Of course, we obviously know that it’s a scam because no beta version of ‘Halo 4’ has ever been announced or mentioned by Microsoft.


There probably will be a beta at some point this year, possibly in the summer, but Microsoft’s usual procedure is to include access alongside some other prominent game of the time. They haven’t got much lined up so far this year but the Halo previously has come with beta version as ODST and the Gears Of War 3 in Epic Games’ Bulletstorm.

Of course Microsoft has had quite a bit of practice warning about Phishing scams, and it’s still blaming the information of Xbox Live being ‘hacked’ solely on the occurrence. Phishing works by criminals sending emails contains web link that looks like official page(pretending to be from a bank is a common scam) and then trying to trick you into entering usernames, passwords and other personal details into fake websites. ( Although many Xbox Live users insist they’ve not been victims to such scams there remains no evidence that the service, or, has been hacked in the traditional intellect.

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