Male Scammer Sufaya Kassim

Scammer Sufaya Kassim


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First Name: Sufaya
Location [Address]: He said he lived in Georgia His children live in Ohio with his mom

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Scam Report:

He made me a friendship request on face book saying he was impressed by my photo and wanted to know me better, asking if I am single, and married....what hob likes . He said he was widow with a girl, marine engineer working for Maersk shipping company and living in Dublin. After the first two mails he said was leaving to Australia for a month gave me his number to talk before leaving. no contact possible. Then after daily beautiful love letters an so mail for pirates attack, to call him immediately, could get to him and a strange slight Asian accent but short talking not loud voice so only an impression, then a mail saying he wanted to send me all documents, his money (a lot, he had to buy palm oil to sell to Mexico and Great Britain and a jewel had bought for me, asking name address to give the DIY Security Company he was sending the parcel with, also gave me a security code to open it when arriving and check mails as that company was telling me what to do. And they asked me to make bank transfer of 980 Euros to rhb bank to nor shahida binti mohd yusof to bank ; ONE UTAMA DAMASARA, KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA. Then send them a copy of the payment. Too strange, did nothing but a mail to him saying hadn't that amount and to give the company other name and address to send his parcel to, very kindly didn't want him to suspect something. It was Monday 28th of March then nothing more, disappeared. Called the postal police, was worried for my address etc they assured me telling they want just money. First and last time to accept friendship when I'm not sure, but in the face book picture seemed a very serious man.



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