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Male Scammer Robert JJackson

Scammer Robert JJackson


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First Name: Robert
Location [Address]: U.S.A, Holtsville

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Scamming scenario:

We met on Tinder in the end of November. His name was Robert Jackson and he said he lived in Usa, Arizona, a sailor. He was, a widow, no children. Immediately he asked my email address and after couple of days removed his Tinder account. From the beginning he sent me messages where he told how wonderful, beautiful, incredible etc. woman I am. From the first day we started to chat I was 100 % sure he is a scammer. I knew in advance how this story goes and I wanted just to cheat him.After about 3 weeks he sent me a message that his vessel was under attack by pirates. He had to sent some important documents to my address because I was the only person he could trust.After I sent my address and telephone number (fake information of course) he told that he cannot pay delivery costs and need me to borrow this money. He would pay it back later. when we meet in one-two weeks. Delivery Company (Marine Secure Asia) sent me the delivery information. There was two amounts to choose: express delivery 2300 and regular delivery 1900 . I said that it is a big amount of money and chose amount of 1900. I asked delivery Company to send me the payment info. I got it. Later I can attach letters he sent me.



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