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Male Scammer Richard Gate

Scammer Richard Gate


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First Name: Richard
Location [Address]: unknown Lagos (Nigeria) ; Lome (Togo)
Age: 58
Aka: unknown
Aliases: Rechard, Ricard, Rich, Richie, Richy
Phone: unknown

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Scam Report

Hello , I appreciate you for sharing so much with me, for your interest and effort to keep this communication... I believe that there comes a time in everyone’s life when you start thinking of the next level, for example, what do you really want out of life and what is left behind as a journey through life and what would be accomplish when we go away...that is what life is all about, but out of all these what really matter are the feelings, the kind of feelings that will last for a lifetime, that’s what I am searching for. We all had past relationships that we've learned and that are what makes us human…we should think of knowing each other better and see what future have for us...I am so looking forward to learn much in the future to come about you. I have a very close relationship with my son, he is in final year in high school and he wish to become an Oncologist, which makes me very much proud of him…we do almost everything together, play tennis together, and he love gardening alongside with me….About my profession - I'm a Vet Doc. I specialize large animals but I build my career around horses or cows, I work in a farm/barn, I start work 9 am and finish 5 pm from Mondays to Fridays and Saturday I work 9 am to 2 pm, but I am on call…that is can be called at any time for work and free for private consultation by other clients. I like to express how I feel and want you to know as we are physically apart; sharing openly is the only way we can know each other better.Some of the things I like doing/Hobbies; spending quality time with my soul mate, watching movie together, swimming and traveling to golf, playing tennis...I'm a good swimmer. My type of music: Christian and gospel Musical instrument, Jazz, RnB, countryside/folk: I enjoy watching sports, reading newspaper, and more... I love animals as you know...I sometimes play piano and flutes. Some things I dislike; selfishness lies, having sleepless nights, excessive drinking and when my time is wasted over nothing. Some more things I look at in a woman; Intelligence, her smiles, sense of humor and her eyes... General builds, how does she treat others? Is she a nice person not just to me? Is she matured enough to do the right thing? Is she over her previous interest? Is she capable of unconditional love? I have to be number one in her life and after... Does she like to cuddle and talk? Is she good at other fun things? I understand that we need good communication, respect for each other’s opinion, understanding, honesty and trust to make this relationship successful…because these are the basic fundamentals to a successful and healthy relationship... I want to know everything about you, how challenging is your Job and how long have you been into it? Have you dated anyone on-line before, how much free time do you have for yourself and how do you spend it. Thank you for your time, looking forward to hear from you and have a wonderful evening and sweet dreams. Sincerely, Marco.



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